To the kid who must have type two diabetes by now

Guzzling a slurpie

On the bus, moist towellettes

Clutched to his breast bone.

He desires the grape

He wants the

Coke. He makes a


Made evident by

The pallid rolls of sweat

On upper lip

Fur matted ice stain.

Tranquil by

Hypothermic belches

And fruit ephemera.

He wants a refill.

* William Carlos William – To a Poor Old Woman


“Our House Looks Ghetto”

This astute remark from my sister,

as she looks slant-eyed at our front lawn.

She is looking at the Big Gulp cup,

the Taco Bell sauce packet,

and perhaps remembering the Tidy Cats kitty litter multi-gallon jug,

which, like a woodland sprite once danced over to our yard

from our neighbor’s open, gaping trash heap.


I wonder if my neighbor’s have scurvy,

and can’t possible drag themselves from their teeming,

sweating beds of loose bowelled despair to find a lid for their trash can.


I think I will leave some apples on their lawn tonight,

Maybe a printout from home depot advertising new trash cans.

Pussel Bellied

I would argue obselencence

that these jazz hand manacles turned out into the rain

like sometimes the rain

off those —

the sloppy roof gutters

sounds like a man spitting



isn’t it incredible?

that i will get up at 5 am to worship you?

i find it incredible that children find relevance in a piece of old rag

yes i keep my own

yes i am

a child still

yes i know which drawer locks

yes i know the way into middle age


the middle ages were brutal.

A Man In A Very Crowded Room-

Yells STOP:

Kirkegaard Blushes.

A Very Long Absence

Piss Stain


Against most explicit instructions

I touched my eye after discharging a gun.

I also chewed on my fingernail.

Psychosomatically in the moment I thought I could feel grit

Grinding against my lenses.

Felt that maybe possibly I could feel

The grit slowly slowly with every swallow

Easing itself into my stomach

This morning  I woke up with a red welt under my left tear duct.

I carried one bulls-eye in my back pocket

Took it out for anyone to see

My many (two) battle scars.